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Empty Nest Blues? Try Orange For a Sunny New Outlook

New colors, fresh upholstery, and new drapes can all put a fresh new perspective on one’s personal space and outlook. Of course this does not mean that one has to do away with favorite old furniture, artifacts, habits, etc. But sometimes it is good to shake things up a bit. For some this might mean moving to a new home. For others, introducing a fresh decor may do the trick. Read More→

Designing a Space Around a Favorite Object

When this client arrived in DC to take up a long-term temporary job assignment, he wanted a place to call home, even while he maintained a permanent home in another city and spent most weekends there. Read More→

Children + Divorce = That Topsy Turvy Feeling

When faced with their parent’s divorcing most children feel a frightening lack of control.  Of course they need lots of reassurance about how this was a grown-up decision having nothing to do with how much both parents love them.

One good idea is to find ways in which children can exert a bit of control over the situation.  Read More→