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Design For Change: Color Therapy Following Stroke

When this client’s color receptors changed as a result of a stroke, her world went gray and that loss felt devastating.  Not ready to accept a world without color, I took on the challenge of this project, knowing that it was different in a lot of ways. Read More→

Generating Income and Welcoming Visitors

It was hard to decide on the best use of this delightful basement space.  The possibilities were many; separate home office, guest space, or a rental apartment.

After careful consideration of the homeowners needs it was decided to create a comfortable hotel alternative for family and visitors to the DC area.  Read More→

Easing the Transition To Assisted Living: Carol’s Story

When my own mother reached an age and stage at which she could no longer safely live alone in her home of many years, we knew we had a challenging process ahead of us. Control and decision-making were shifting from one generation to the next and that brought a lot of feelings and issues to the surface. It was a difficult time in some ways, and a wonderful time in other ways. Read More→