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Outdoor Living: Dining Al Fresco

Eating in the open air is such a treat.  Wine, Cheese and Cherries on the dock; a picnic of bread and cheese, pancakes on the porch; what could be more delightful?Design for Change, Wine and cheese on the dock


I think the reason we don’t do this more often is because it seems like too much work.  The path of least resistance leads to the kitchen table.

My suggestion…  simplify.  Nothing has to be perfect or even match, in fact it can be more fun to spontaneously throw an old tablecloth on the picnic table and bring out your mismatched plates.  Tie up a small bunch of wildflowers or scatter fall leaves for your decoration.Design for Change, Pancakes on the Porch


Take an afternoon moment for tea and cookies while sitting in the porch rockers.  Breathe in the fresh air, slowly, and relax…